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Joint Symposium with Russian Oriental Studies,
“Themes of Humankind and Philosophy” Held in St. Petersburg

A joint symposium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (IOM RAS) and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) was held at the Institute of Oriental Studies in Saint Petersburg on October 3 and 4, 2006. The title of the symposium was “Themes of Humankind and Religion.” It was held to commemorate the 10th anniversary of the formal academic exchange agreement between the IOM RAS and the IOP. During the ten year partnership, the IOM RAS and the IOP have collaborated on in-depth study and research of historical Lotus Sutra manuscripts and the publication of historical facsimile prints, including the launching of “The Lotus Sutra and Its World: Buddhist Manuscripts of the Great Silk Road” exhibition in Tokyo in November 1998, which also showed in Austria and Germany.

In a message, IOP founder Daisaku Ikeda, an honorary member of the IOM RAS, affirmed that interfaith dialogue will trail-blaze the correct path for human society. He hoped the symposium, with an aim to explore humanity’s mission, would shed a light of wisdom and intellect.

October 3
Greetings: Irina Fyodorovna Popova (Director, IOM RAS)
“The Buddhist Manuscripts in the Collection of St-Petersburg Branch of the Institute of Oriental Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences”
1) V. I. Rudoy
 “Lotus Sutra Position at the Early Mahayana Literature”
2) Yoichi Kawada (Director, IOP)
 “A Vision of Peace in the Lotus Sutra”
3) E. P. Ostrovskaya (Leading Researcher, IOM RAS)
 “Lotus Sutra and Encyclopaedie of Vasubandhu about Dharma Teacher’s Perfection.”
4) Kyoko Oshima (Research Fellow, IOP)
 “Culture of Peace and Buddhist Concept of Peace”
5) T. V. Ermakova (Senior Researcher, IOM RAS)
  “The Lotus Sutra and Lay People’s Virtues”
6) Toshie Kurihara (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Nichiren’s View of Women”
7) S. H. Shomakhmadov
  “Nichiren’s Theocratic Doctrine in the Context of the Buddhist Concept of Supreme Power”
October 4
 1) A. S. Martynov (Leading Researcher, IOM RAS)
  “The Concept of Humanity: From Kung-Dsu to Man-Dsu”
2) Shuichi Yamamoto (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Environment and Buddhism”
3) K. G. Maranjian (Senior Researcher, IOM RAS)
  “The Japanese Thinker Ito Jinsai about Humanity”
4) Tatsuya Yamazaki (Research Fellow, IOP)
 “The Eastern Orthodox Theology and Buddhism―Deification and Nirvana―”
5) E. U. Harukova
  “Avalokiteshvara Cult in the History of Tibetan Theocracy”
6) M. I. Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya
 “The Contemporary Significance of Buddhism and the Activities of Daisaku Ikeda”

Message from SGI President Ikeda

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