The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
 Annual Conferences

The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) holds annual conferences in March, at which the IOP researchers present their study results of the year. The Institute sponsors symposiums with keynote speakers from Japan and overseas.

The 32nd Annual Confernece (2017)
Global Challenge Facing Humanity and Buddhism"
  The 31st Annual Confernece (2016)
Creation of a Global Civilization――
Transcending Multiculturalism"

The 30th Annual Confernece (2015)
Intercivilizational Dialogue: Toward the Mutual Understanding of Buddhism and Islam.

The 29th Annual Conference (2014)
"The Possibility of Buddhism for the Future of Humankind"
Dr. F. Gombrich (Founder-President, Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies) and Dr. Suren Raghavan (Senior Fellow in Political Science, Social Scientists Association
of Sri Lanka, Dept. of Politics and Public Policy)

The 28th Annual Conference (2013)
“Dialogue of Civilization”
Dr. Winston E. Langley (Provost and Vice Chancellor, Academic Affairs, University of Massachusetts, Boston)

The 27th Annual Conference (2012)
“Global Civilization and the Mission of Buddhism”
Dr. Lokesh Chandra (Director, International Academy of Indian Culture)

The 26th Annual Conference (2010)
“The Global Environment and Ethics”
Dr.Ernest Ulrich von Weizsäcker
(Member, the Club of Rome)

The 25th Annual Conference (2009)
“Buddhism and Humanism”
Dr. Jim Garrison
(President, the John Dewey Society)

The 23rd Annual Conference (2007)
“The Middle Way and Humanity's Future”
Dr.Lou Marinoff
(Founding President, American Philosophical Practitioners Association)

The 21st Annual Conference (2005)
“Toward a Dialogical Civilization”
Dr. Tu Weiming
(Professor, Harvard University)

 The 20th Annual Conference (2004)
“International Protection of Human Rights beyond State Sovereign Authority”
Dr. Ved P. Nanda
(Professor, University of Denver College of Law)

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