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Joint Symposium of IOP and the Ikeda Daisaku Research Group Held in Peking, China: “A Vision of 21st Century Oriental Thought”

On October 15 and 16, 2004, the Ikeda Daisaku Research Group and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) cohosted the symposium “A Vision of 21st Century Oriental Thought.” It was held at Beijing University, China. On the first day, Pheng Kya Seng from Beijing University’s Center of Japanese Studies, and IOP Director Yoichi Kawada gave the opening address. About 80 guests from 16 universities and research organizations with facilities researching the thought and philosophy of  IOP founder Ikeda, participated in the symposium, including China’s Hunan Normal University, Canton-Zhaoqing University and the Chinese Culture University of Taiwan. At the opening ceremony, messages from the Vice-President of Beijing University Ji Xianlin and IOP founder Ikeda were introduced. This symposium was held to commemorate the 30th anniversary of IOP founder Ikeda's first visit to China.

The following presentations were delivered during the symposium.
・Wei Changhai (Professor, Beijing University)
  “The Importance of Society in Modern Chinese and Japanese Buddhism”
・Mikio Matsuoka (Research Fellow, IOP)
 “The Buddhist Concept of the Human Being: From the Viewpoint of the   Philosophy of the Soka Gakkai”
・Liu Jincai (Chief, Institute of Japanese Cultural Studies, Beijing University)
  “The Thought of Repaying Debts of Gratitude and the Building of the Spirit of Humanities in the 21st Century”                                      

・Toshie Kurihara (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
 “The 21st Century Is a Century of Women—Buddhism and Women”
・Wang Xinsheng (Professor, Peking University)
  “Daisaku Ikeda’s View of Politics and Its Practice”
・Shuichi Yamamoto (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Deforestation and Civilization: A Buddhist Perspective”

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