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Indo-Japan Joint Symposium in New Delhi: “Contemporary Thought on Gandhism and Buddhism”

On August 30, 2003, the National Gandhi Museum, the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) and Soka Gakkai India co-organized the joint symposium “Contemporary Thought on Gandhism and Buddhism” held at the Nehru Memorial Museum and Library in New Delhi, India.

Message: Daisaku Ikeda (SGI President)
Greeting: Yoichi Kawada (Director, IOP)
Greeting: B. R. Nanda (Chairman, National Gandhi Museum)
Special Lecture: Inder Kumar Gujral (Former Indian Prime Minister)
・N. Radhakrishnan (Chairman, the Mahatma Gandhi Center for Nonviolent Development)
  “Gandhism and Buddhism in the Cyber Age”
・Yoichi Kawada (Director, IOP)
  “Gandhism and Buddhism: A Modern Perspective”
・Y. P. Anand (Director, National Gandhi Museum)
  “Mahatma Gandhi and Buddhism”
・Ken’ichi Maegawa (Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Nonviolence and Chinese Buddhism”
・O. P. Kejriwal (Director, Nehru Memorial Museum)
  “Contribution of Nonviolence“
・V. N. Rajashekharan Pillai (Vice Chairman, University Grants Commission, India)
  “Gandhi’s Concept on Education and Its Relevance in the Present Day”
・Koichi Miyata (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Nonviolence and Japanese Buddhism”
・K. D. Gangrade (Vice Chairman, Gandhi Smriti and Dharsham Samiti, India)
 “Some Reflections on Buddhism and Gandhism”
・Lokesh Chandra (Director, International Academy of Indian Culture, India)
  “Mahatma Gandhi and Buddhism”
・Toru Shiotsu (Cheif Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Human Rights and Buddhism”
・Yumi Ninomiya (Research Fellow, IOP)
  “Women and Buddhism”
On August 31, an English-language Indian daily newspaper The Hindu carried an article on the symposium. It read, “With the thread of war, terrorism and nuclear and chemical weaponry continuing to occupy centre-stage at the international level, the relevance of Gandhism and Buddhism to spread the message of peace, harmony and non-violence was emphasised at a symposium held here today.”
The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) and the National Gandhi Museum signed an academic exchange agreement on August 29.

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