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Eastern Culture and Modern Society: Philosophical Dialogue among Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism International Conference in Hong Kong

The Research Center for Chinese Philosophy and Culture, Department of Philosophy, the Chinese University of Hong Kong and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) held the International Conference at the Chinese University of Hong Kong on November 23-24, 2006. The theme of the conference was “Eastern Culture and Modern Society: Philosophical Dialogue among Confucianism, Buddhism and Daoism.” While the contemporary significance of the three religions was discussed and dialogue among them was pursued, their relation with Christianity, modern psychology and philosophy was also debated. It was attended by 29 researchers from 13 universities, of which 15 researchers made presentations.

At the opening ceremony, Kenneth Young, Pro-Vice-Chancellor of the Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) delivered the opening remarks. Professor Lao Sze-Kwang from Huafan University, Taiwan, gave the keynote speech titled, “Reflections on the Study of Chinese Philosophy--Dilemma and Deliverance.” This was followed by 14 academic papers on topics such as “The Daoist Sense of Responsibility,” “The Significance of ‘The Bodhisattva Way’ of the Lotus Sutra in the Real World,” and “Comparative Study of Filial Piety in Confucianism and Buddhism.”
Speaking on “The Bodhisattva Way in Modern Society,” IOP Director Yoichi Kawada discussed the relevance for today of bodhisattvas that appear in the Lotus Sutra and other Mahayana scriptures. He emphasized that the bodhisattvas' four universal vows can be understood as their “mission” of safeguarding human liberty and eradicating threats to human life, thereby drawing parallels with the contemporary concept of “human security.”
Following are the other 13 papers presented at the conference.
1) Liu Xiaogan (Director, Centre for Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
  -Welcome Speech
2) Hiroshi Kanno (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
 “The Bodhisattva Way and Valuing the Real World in the Lotus Sutra”
3) Lin Chen-Kuo (Professor, National Chengchi University)
4) Guang Xing (Professor, University of Hong Kong)
5) Cheng Chung-yi (Professor, Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
6) Chen Jidong (Professor, Musashino University)
  “A New Horizon in Rebuilding East Asian Buddhism”
7) Chen Wei-fen (Professor, Academia Sinica, Taiwan)
8) Ken’ichi Maegawa (Research Fellow, IOP)
 “Inter-religious Dialogue in ‘Shūron, a Kyōgen play”
9) Yaozhihua (Professor, Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
  “Zhuangzi’s Butterfly Dream”
10) Lin Hongxing (Professor, Fudan University)
11) Wong Yiu-kwan (Professor, Chinese Philosophy and Culture)
  “Reasoning and Capitulation”
12) Sunao Taira (Research Fellow, IOP)
 “Reexamination of ‘Religion’ in Contemporary Society”
13) Ping Xiao (Professor, Sun Yat-sen University)
Lastly, in his closing speech, Professor Cheung Chan Fai, chair of the CUHK Philosophy Department, thanked the participants for their earnest and meaningful discussions surrounding the three religious traditions of Buddhism, Daoism and Confucianism and their pursuit of wisdom to shed light on solutions to modern day problems.


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