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Symposium Held in Beijing, China: “Modern Civilization and Dialogue between Religions”

On October 12 and 13, 2004, the symposium “Modern Civilization and Dialogue between Religions” was held at the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (CASS) in Beijing, China. It was co-sponsored by the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) and the Institute of World Religions, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences (IWR). On October 12, at the opening ceremony, Zhuo Xingping, Director of IWR, and Yoichi Kawada, Director of IOP, delivered the opening addresses. Ren Jiyu, Director of the National Library of China and honorary director of IWR, presented a special lecture on “Modern Civilization and Dialogue between Religions.”


October 12
・Zhuo Xinping (Director, IWR)
 “Interreligious Dialogue in Contemporary Society: Hurdles and Expectations”
・Hiroshi Kanno (Senior Research Fellow, IOP)
   “Inclusivism and Religious Tolerance in the Lotus Sutra”
・Wei Daoru (Researcher, IWR)
  “Traditional Buddhist Resources of Benefit to Interreligious Dialogue”

October 13
・Ken’ichi Maegawa (Research Fellow, IOP)
  “On Relationship Among Japanese Religions”
・He Jingsong (Researcher, IWR)
   “Chan Buddhism’s Doctrinal Foundation in Su Shi’s Calligraphic Style of Respecting Meanings”
・Yoichi Kawada (Director, IOP)
  “Soka Gakkai International’s Interreligious Dialogue”


This was the third joint symposium with IWR. The theme of the first symposium was “The Historical Significance of the Lotus Sutra and Its Role in the 21st Century” and the second was “Mahayana Buddhism and Modern Civilization” held in 2001. The second symposium highlighted the importance and the role of Mahayana Buddhism in the modern society.

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