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Joint Symposium: “Walden and Beyond: Awakening East-West Connections” Co-hosted by IOP and Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue

A joint symposium of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) and Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue was held at the Center’s lecture hall in Cambridge, Massachusetts on October 1 and 2, 2004. This was the inaugural Ikeda Forum for Intercultural Dialogue,called “Walden and Beyond: Awakening East-West Connection.”
Main Program:

October 1
・Alan Hodder (Professor, Comparative Religion, Hampshire College)
  “Turning East: The Transcendentalists Discover Asian Traditions”
・Yoichi Kawada (Director, IOP)
  “A Buddhist Response to American Renaissance”
October 2              
・Phyllis Cole (Professor of English and American Studies, Penn State University/President, the
Emerson Society)
  “The Transcendentalists and the ‘Art of Conversation’”
・Judith Thompson (Peace Scholar and Convener of Dialogues on Justice, Compassion, and Social Healing, sponsored by the Fetzer Institute)
  “Intercultural Dialogue Today”
Closing Reflection
・Ronald A. Bosco (Professor of English and American Literature, University of Albany, State University of New York)
The year 2004 marks the 150th anniversary of the publication of Walden written by Henry David Thoreau. On the first day of the forum, president of Ikeda Center for Peace, Learning and Dialogue
Masao Yokota introduced a message from SGI President Ikeda.
During the forum, Alan Hodder, professor of Comparative Religion, Hampshire College traced the transcendentalists’ discovery of Asian tradition. In his lecture, IOP Director Yoichi Kawada noted that the history of Buddhism is the history of cross cultural interaction.

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