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Lecture: “A Philosophy of Peace, Unity and Hope in Contemporary Society: SGI President Ikeda’s Dialogue on the Wisdom of the Lotus Sutra”
Professor Carlos Manuel Rua graduated from the Universidad del Salvador, Argentina and obtained his PhD in bioethics from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. He also served as a director of Escuela de Estudios Orientales (School of Oriental Studies), Rev. Padre Ismael Quiles S. J.

In his lecture, Prof. Rua commented on the “The Lotus Sutra--A Message of Peace and Harmonious Coexistence” exhibition held in Argentina in September 2014, saying, “(Through the exhibition) I was able to have a direct encounter with the Buddhist tradition and the profound teaching of the Lotus Sutra.” He expressed his appreciation for being able to learn about the core spirit of Buddhism through the writings of Nichiren and the Lotus Sutra manuscript, which has been translated into various languages.

He also praised the value of the Lotus Sutra and said that it is a priceless gem in the vast universe of a Buddhist canon and is the highest teaching within a collection of eighty thousand teachings. He commented that the nature of the Lotus Sutra remains unchanged over time, but is expressed with incredible diversity in a range of infinite possibilities. The Lotus Sutra teaches that the most supreme life condition can be expressed in every single moment of life. “World peace can be realized by the small efforts that each of us make every day. The spirit of the Lotus Sutra teaches us to take concrete actions for the happiness of all people,” he said. 

Organizer: The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP)
Lecturer: Professor Carlos Manuel Rua (Professor, Universidad del Salvador)
Venue:  TKP Ichigaya Conference Center (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)
Date: October 12. 2015

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