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Lecture on "Women and Youth in Civilizational Dialogue"

Dr. Raihanah is Dean of Humanities Research Cluster at the University of Malaya (UM) and Associate Professor at the Department of Shariah and Law, Academy of Islamic Studies, UM. Her research areas are Islamic Family Law, Islamic Law and Gender, and Islamic Law and Society. She is currently engaged in research on the role of women in building peace and harmony.

To date, Dr. Raihanah has been promoting exchanges between the Centre for Civilisational Dialogue, the University of Malaya (UMCCD) and the Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) including the joint symposium, “Inter-civilisational Dialogue Towards Peace, Harmonious Coexistence and Sustainability” held in October, 2012. Prior to the public lecture, she presented a lecture entitled “Gender Equality in Islam” at the IOP’s 30th Annual Conference on March 21 at Soka University.

In the public lecture, she referred to the negative stereotypes of Muslims that have spread in contemporary society and said: “I stand here hoping to present to you an alternative image – and image that is less typical, less stereotypical, an image that portrays difference, and at the same time also seeks coexistence.” She stated that women and youth in the Islamic world are suppressed by the aforementioned negative images. Therefore, for Islamic civilization to be able to soar again, they must be allowed to speak for themselves. She also touched upon the recent tragic events in history including colonialism, conflicts and wars, and stressed the necessity to utilize dialogue for the sake of civilizational coexistence. “We need to first create a setting in which such dialogue is possible,” she said.
In closing, she expressed her wish that the continued collaboration between UMCCD and the IOP would facilitate the successful outcomes of the initiatives for dialogue and peace in the near future, and that Malaysia and Japan become examples for the international community in civilizational dialogue.

Organizer: The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP)
Lecturer: Associate Professor Dr. Raihanah Abdullah, Deputy Dean of Humanities Research Cluster, University of Malaya
Venue:  Nippon Seinekan (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo)
Date: March 22, 2015

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