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IOP Journal Volume 22



Dialogue: Humane Education, A Bridge to Peace (4) - Daisaku Ikeda / Gu Mingyuan



 Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series Promoted By IOP - Introduction

 1. From Gilgit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts from the National Archives of
 India, Facsimile Edition

・Preface - Mushirul Hasan
・Preface - Minoru Harada
・Foreword - Lokesh Chandra
・The Saddharmapundarıkasutra at Gilgit: Manuscripts, Worshippers, and Artists - Oskar von Hinüber

2. From Public Lecture 

・The Lotus Sutra: Ideas and Values - Carlos Rubio


 Interreligious Dialogue about Christian and Buddhist Civilizations From Two Symposia in UK and Bulgaria - Introduction

 1. Symposium in UK (Lotus Sutra in Contemporary Society)

・Contemporary Civilization and the Lotus Sutra - Yoichi Kawada
・Saddharma and the One Buddha Vehicle in the Lotus Sutra - Hiroshi Kanno
・Continental Origins and Culture of Copying: An Examination of the Prototypes and Textualized Community of the Japanese Jeweled-Stupa Mandalas - Halle Elizabeth O'Neal
・From Scholarly Object to Religious Text -- The Story of the Lotus-sutra in the West - Max Deeg

2. Symposium in Bulgaria (Interreligious Dialogue about Christian and
 Buddhist Civilizations)
・Message - Daisaku Ikeda
・Once Again about the Iconography of Bulgarian Rulers Prince Boris (Knyaz Boris) and King Simeon (Tsar Simeon) -- 9th - 10th Century -  Axinia Džurova
・Iconographic Interpretations of Theological Themes in Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite and in St. Gregory Palamas and the Reception of these Themes by Meister Eckhart - Emil Ivanov

・The Religious Humanism of Rachel Carson: On the 50th Anniversary of the Publication of Silent Spring - Connie Lasher

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