The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
IOP Journal Volume 18




Dialogue: Message for the Age of Human Rights--What Does the Third Millennium Require? (2) - Daisaku Ikeda / Adolfo Pérez Esquivel



Introduction to Feature 1

1. Contemporary Civilization and Environmental Crisis from public lectures

・A Geography of Human Life and My Life - Yoshinori Yasuda
・Environmental Education and Biodiversity: Creating a Society in Symbiosis with Nature - Hideo Kitano
・Global Warming and Environmental Thought - Shigeyuki Okajima
・The Middle Way of Buddhism and Environmental Problems - Shuichi Yamamoto / Victor S. Kuwahara

Introduction to Features 2 and 3
2. From a symposium with the World Poetry Society Intercontinental:

・Message - Daisaku Ikeda
・Peace Through Poetry - Krishna Srinivas
・Contemporary Civilization and the Restoration of the Poetic Soul - Yoichi Kawada
・Poet: Messenger of Peace - A. Padmanaban
・Modern Cosmology and Buddhism - Shuichi Yamamoto / Victor S. Kuwahara
・Tagore’s Poetry: Ballad of Humanism - Bharati Mukherjee
・The Image of the Mother in the Poetry of SGI President Ikeda - Yumi Ninomiya
・Nichiren’s Philosophy of Peace - Masahiro Kobayashi
3. From a symposium with the European Academy of Sciences and Arts:

・Leben und Tod aus medizinischer Sicht - Felix Unger
・Tod und Leben--philosophisch und theologisch betrachtet - Karl M. Woschitz
・Leben ohne Warum--Der Ursprung des Lebens in der Theologie Meister Eckharts - Tatsuya Yamazaki


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