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Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts from Cambridge University Library (Add. 1682 and Add. 1683), Facsimile Edition (2002)

Published by the Soka Gakkai
In coorperation with Cambridge University Library
Permitted by the Syndics of Cambridge University Library
Edited by Hirofumi Toda and others
Coordination by the Institute of Oriental Philosophy
Date of publication: March 26, 2002
ISBN: 4-88417-0004-0
Collection of Cambridge University Library
Copy date: 10th-11th centuries CE
Number of folios: xvii + 84 +142 (total 243 folios)
Type of publication: color facsimile
Language: Sanskrit, English, and Japanese

This fine color facsimile edition is based on the two manuscripts among those collected by Daniel Wright during the period from 1873-1879.
    Manuscript Add. 1682 ends at the beginning of the second line of the 24th verse of the 11th chapter, "Treasure Tower," missing the last half portion of the Lotus Sutra. This is, according to Hirofumi Toda, still one of the Nepalese manuscripts that bear the oldest readings.
    Manuscript Add. 1683 also belongs to the group of the Nepalese manuscripts that bear the olderst readings. Toda says that this manuscript was copied by at least five copyists, judging from differences in handwriting. Though letting further examination to future studies, it is safe to say that this manuscript is one of the very important materials.
    Considering these facts, the publication of manuscripts Add. 1682 and Add. 1683 provides an additional perspective on Sanskrit Lotus Sutra studies. Researchers can enjoy a new stage of studies where the color facsimile help them read precisely unclear letters and portions in monochrome copies, thus facilitating further research in the textual study of the sutra.

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