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IOP publishes The Journal of Oriental Studies volume 25
The Institute of Oriental Philosophy (IOP) recently published The Journal of Oriental Studies vol. 25. It includes the final installment of the dialogue “The Challenge of Global Transformation—Humanity and the Environment (2),” between eminent German environmentalist Dr. Ernest Ulrich von Weizsäcker and Daisaku Ikeda, president of the Soka Gakkai International (SGI) and founder of the IOP.
Other contents included in this volume are as follows.

Feature: Intercvilizational Dialogue―Toward the Mutual Understanding of Buddhism and Islam
From the Symposium in conjunction with the 30th Annual Conference of the IOP
・Gender Equality, Islam and Law – Raihanah Abdullah, Asadullah Ali, Siti Aminah Hamid
・Gender Equality of Buddhist Thought in the Age of Buddha – Toshie Kurihara
・The Language of Lotus Sutra's Parable of Medicinal Herbs -Faridah Noor Mohd Noor
・The Language of Coexistence in Islamic Philosophy―The Emanation Theory in Al-Fārābī’s The Excellent City―-Tatsuya Yamazaki
・Dialogue Between Islam and Buddhism in Medicine – Christopher Choing-Meng Boey

From the Lectures related to Islam
・Civilisational Approach to Economic Development: An Islamic Perspective –Nik Mustapha Hj Nik Hassan
・Global Movement of Moderates or Wasatiyyah: A Commentary on an Initiative –Mohamed Fauzi Yaacob

・Earth-Honoring Faith and the Anthropocene –Larry Rasmussen

From Public Lectures
・Luther and Nichiren―Reformers at Two Different Ends of the World –Michael von Brück
・Factor Five―Towards Global Sustainability through Doing Much More with Much Less – Cheryl Desha

Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series
・Purpose of the Publication
・Three Lineages of Sanskrit Lotus Sutra Manuscripts
・Three Academic Achievements of the Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series
・A Long-term Perspective
・Overview of the Lotus Sutra Manuscript Series

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