The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
IOP Journal Volume 26


Feature: The Possibility of Buddhism for the Future of Humankind

From the Second Symposium with the Oxford Centre for Buddhist Studies

Opening Address Richard Gombrich 

Session 1: Buddhism and ActionOn Violence and Peace

Voices of freedom: friendship, trust and liberation in the poems of early Buddhist nuns Sarah Shaw

Women’s Roles in a World Without Nuclear Weapons Toshie Kurihara

Session 2: Buddhism and PragmatismBuddhism’s Impact on Social Change

Mindfulness Meditation and Social Change: from Therapy to Wisdom and Ethics Mark Leonard

Buddhist Organizations and Their Response to Natural Disasters Katsuaki Onishi

Session 3: Buddhism and ScienceBuddhist Practice and Science-Based Functions that Address Physical and Mental Health

The Practice of Compassion: A Brief Reflection on Some Theravada Buddhist Meditation Traditions  - Khammai Dhammasami

Medical Ethics and BuddhismA Focus on Euthanasia and Death with Dignity - Yoichi Kawada  translated by Shin’ichi Hashimoto

Feature 2: Creation of a Global CivilizationTranscending Multiculturalism

From the Symposium in conjunction with the 31st Annual Conference of the IOP

Omniculturalism and Our Human Path   Fathali M. Moghaddam

Culture and IdealThe Dignity of Life as a Postulate Yutaka Ishigami

Issue of Immigration and Refugees and Multiculturalism in Europe Fumiko Tsutaki

From Public Lecture

The Psychology of Democracy Fathali M. Moghaddam


Religious Reformations in Japan and Europe: An Encounter of Nichiren and Martin Luther Ulrich Dehn

The Earth Charter, Spirituality and Sustainable Development - Richard Clugston

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