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IOP Journal Volume 23



Dialogue: Humane Education, A Bridge to Peace (5) - Daisaku Ikeda / Gu Mingyuan


Symposium in Malaysia on “Intercivilisational Dialogue towards Peace,
Harmonious Coexistence and Sustainability”
・Are We Really Civilized? Make War a Crime - Mahathir bin Mohamad
・Message - Mohd Hamdi Bin Abd Shukor
・Message - Raihanah Abdullah

・Changing Our Worldview for A Sustainable Future and The Role of Dialogue - Azizan Baharuddin

・Symbiosis and Sustainability through the Lens of Buddhism -Shuichi Yamamoto and Victor S. Kuwahara
・The Idea of Symbiosis and Harmony in Buddhism: From the Perspective of the Lotus Sutra’s Philosophy in the Chinese Tiantai Buddhism - Hideyuki Matsumori
・Between Ideals and Reality: Violence against Women and the Real Image of Women in Islam - Zaleha Kamaruddin and Umar A. Oseni
・Dialogue for Peace and Harmony: A Human Sciences Approach - Syed Farid Alatas

From Public Lectures in Spain, Germany and Japan:

・The Lotus Sutra and Western Culture and Spirituality - Francesc Torradeflot
・The Lotus Sutra in Japanese literature: A spring rain - Carlos Rubio

・Loving Dialogue - Hans Peter Dürr

・Hiroshima: The Trajectory and Promise of History - Winston E. Langley

・The Jain Principle of Ahimsa (Nonviolence) and Ecology - Sohan Lal Jain Gandhi

・The Power of the Word: Understanding it Wisely, Using it Truly Sarah Ann Wider

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