The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
IOP Journal Volume 21




Dialogue: Humane Education, A Bridge to Peace (3) - Daisaku Ikeda / Gu Mingyuan


 A New Humanism for World Peace--From Two Symposiums

 1. From a symposium in India to commemorate the 50th anniversary since
 the conception of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy

Message - Daisaku Ikeda
Compassion for Humankind is the Way to Peace - Chinmaya R. Gharekhan
Bodhi Tree and Human Revolution - Lokesh Chandra
The New Humanism for World Peace - Yoichi Kawada
The Revival Plan of Nalanda University - Gopa Sabharwal

2. From a symposium with the Brazilian Academy of Philosophy
Message - Daisaku Ikeda
The Trilogy Spheres of Peter Sloterdijk - Bárbara Freitag Rouanet
Life and Earth: Philosophical Remedy for Environmental Problems - Shuichi Yamamoto and Victor S. Kuwahara
Life, War and Peace: Towards a Hermeneutics of Human Rights - Nythamar de Oliveira
The Buddhist Perspective of Life and the Idea of Human Rights - Yoichi Kawada
Women: Today, Tomorrow, and Always - Thereza Penna Firme

In Pursuit of Peace: The Cosmic Nature of Our Inner and Outer Journey - Anthony J. Marsella
The Challenge of Religious Pluralism in Malaysia - Mohamed Fauzi Yaacob
The Premises and Promises of the Buddhist-Muslim Dialogue - Mohammad Selim
Dialogue with Nature and Interreligious Encounter: Toward a Comparative Theology of the Sense of Wonder - Connie Lasher

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