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IOP Journal Volume 20



Dialogue: Humane Education, A Bridge to Peace (2) - Daisaku Ikeda / Gu Mingyuan



 Modern Society and Religion--From Two Symposiums

 1. From a symposium in Spain to commemorate the Lotus Sutra Exhibition

・Message on the Exhibition - Daisaku Ikeda
・The Concept of Equality in the Lotus Sutra: The SGI's Viewpoint -Toshie Kurihara
・El Amor en el Sutra del Loto y en la Mística de Juan de la Cruz - Francesc Torradeflot Freixes

2. From a symposium with the Institute of World Religions of the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences
・Message - Daisaku Ikeda
・Buddhist Thoughts on Symbiosis--And its Contemporary Implications - Yoichi Kawada
・The Bodhisattvas of the Earth in the Lotus Sūtra: Involvement in the Human Society - Hiroshi Kanno
・Sustainability and Buddhism: How do we measure quality of life and degree of happiness? - Shuichi Yamamoto and Victor S. Kuwahara
・Modern Nichirenist Discourses on Life and Jōsei Toda’s Buddhist Thought - Ken’ichi Maegawa
・The Contribution of Buddhist Scholars toward the Friendship of China and Japan - Yang Zengwen

・Buddhism in China and Modern Society: An Introduction Centering Around the Teachings of Taixu and Yin shun - Wei Daoru

・Re-understanding of the Social Role or the Cultural Function of Religion--Theoretical Refections drawn from Interational Hot Issues after the Cold War and Religions - Zhang Zhigang

・The Source and Development of Japan’s Philosophies of Non-Violence - Shinichi Yamamuro
・Xixia Language Studies and the Lotus Sutra (II) - Tatsuo Nishida

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