The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
IOP Journal Volume 19



Dialogue: Humane Education, A Bridge to Peace (1) - Daisaku Ikeda / Gu Mingyuan

・Preface to Three Dialogue Books with Daisaku Ikeda published in Bulgarian
・On the Power of Mind, Wisdom and Experience - Vassja Velinova


 East/West in Dialogue: Religious Perspectives on Global Issues in the 21st Century - from two symposiums:    (Introduction)

 1. From the Symposium with Wellesley College
・Opening Remarks - Victor Kazanjian
・The Core of Śākyamuni Buddha’s Teachings and the Distinctive Features of the Lotus Sūtra - Hiroshi Kanno
・Buddhism and Women: Soka Gakkai International’s Viewpoint - Toshie Kurihara
・A Reflection on the Challenges for Hindu Women in the Twenty-first Century - Neelima Shukla-Bhatt
・How does Buddhism Contribute to the Environmental Problems? - Shuichi Yamamoto / Victor S. Kuwahara
・Closing Remarks - Peter Laurence
・Closing Remarks - Virginia Benson
2. From the Symposium with Institute of Philosophy, Russian Academy of Sciences
・Buddhism as an Ethics-centered Worldview - Abdusalam Guseynov
・Leo Tolstoy’s View of Religion and the Philosophy of Daisaku Ikeda: From the Perspective of the Lotus Sutra - Mitsuru Eguchi
・The SGI within the Historical Context of Buddhism —and its Philosophical Basis— - Yoichi Kawada
・Some Aspects of the Ecological Ethics in Chinese Buddhism - Mariya Anashina
・"The Lotus Sutra" and Some Problems of Modern Culture - Margarita Vorobyova-Desyatovskaya
・The Doctrine of Houon (Repaying the Debts of Gratitude) in Japanese Buddhist Thought and its Role in Labor Ethics Formation - Lyubov Karelova
Daisaku Ikeda and John Dewey: A Religious Dialogue - Jim Garrison
・An Ethics of Justice in Buddhism seen in a Cross-Cultural Context - Michael von Brück
・Sufism in the Context of Modem Politics - Marietta Stepanyants

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