The Institute of Oriental Philosophy
IOP Journal Volume 16




Dialogue: The Humanist Principle--Compassion and Tolerance (2) - Daisaku Ikeda / Felix Unger



1. Dialogue with the Islamic World from Public Lectures:

An Introduction of the Concept of Tolerance in Indian-Islam: A Legacy of Theological Thought in Indian-Islam - Shunji Hosaka
The Islamic View of Women--Ideals and Realities - Kazuko Shiojiri
The Basic Teachings of Islam - Yoshiko Oda

2. From Public Lectures:

  Toward a Dialogical Civilization - Tu Weiming
  Soka Gakkai in a Globalized World - Karel Dobbelaere
  “I’d rather have Eternal Emptiness”--Goethe and Buddhism - Manfred Osten

3. From the Symposium Cosponsored with Harvard University:

  Humanity, Earth and the Universe: A Viewpoint of Mahayana Buddhism - Yoichi Kawada
  The Lotus Sūtra and the Dialogue of Religions - Hiroshi Kanno

4. From India-Japan Joint Symposium:

  On the Significance of the India-Japan Joint Symposium - Yoichi Kawada
  Greetings - N. Radhakrishnan
•  G. Ramachandran’s Vision of the Ultimate Reality - Sister Mythili
  Symbiosis with the Global Environment: Buddhist Perspective of Environmental Education - Shuichi Yamamoto / Victor S. Kuwahara



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