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IOP Publishes The Bulletin No.32

On December 18, 2016, the Toyo Tetsugaku Kenkyujo Kiyo [Bulletin of the Institute of Oriental Philosophy] No. 32 was published (not for sale). It covers annual works from a range of research areas and various projects carried out by IOP researchers. It provides an opportunity for budding research fellows to contribute their research works. Bulletin No. 32 includes 8 articles, a research note and IOP research works (December 2015 – November 2016).

Main articles previously published in the bulletin are available in the Article BOX [論 文BOX] on Home page.


Tsunesaburo Makiguchi’s Naturalistic Theory of the Norms for Action – Ryo Chonabayashi

Aging believers of new religions and types of religious organization The future of “mixed form groups and bureaucracy” – Katsuaki Onishi

A. J. Toynbee and R. G. Collingwood: A Comparison of their Historical Thoughts – Junichi Kasuga

Recent Changes and Causes of Problems in the Middle East and Turkey – Hideki Iwaki

Thinking About the Definition of Mimesis Through the Texts of Vladimir Nabokov – Mitsunori Sagae

On the Liu Zhao RegimeYi Zhou, Guan Zhong and Hexi Corridor During the Han-Wei Transition – Takashi Mitsuda

The Lotus Sutra in Tibetan Buddhist History and Culture, Part 1 – James B. Apple

Long Day’s Journey into NightFormation of the complexity of behavioral pattern resulting from the combination of
social hierarchical layer and deep psychological layer
Part – Kumi Ohno

Research Note

Current Status and Issues of Medical Health Related to Patients Suffering from Depression After Giving Birth – Bunsho Lee


IOP Research Works

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